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the art of implementing the idea from scrath to the enterprise,the true meaning of creation


I am Kamran Hazari,

Full Stack Developer and Designer based in Iran, IR.

I create from nothing. By building great softwares and applying optimal methodologies, patterns, practices, planning, tech stacks, and team dynamics. From fresh new ideas, to leading enterprise software companies.

My softwares are my childs I love each of them and try my best to make sure they the best.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” -Thomas A. Edison

My Skills


Others: lean agile scrum development, Sublime Text, Visual Studio, git, github, Team Foundation Server, WCF, WF, WebAPI, REST, API Dev, XML,HTML, HTML5, JQuery, Backbone, Bootstrap, MS SQL, MySQL, MongoLabs, Windows, MacOS X, Wordpress

Analyist & Designer

Exp 4 years

Frontend Developer

Exp 6 years

Backend Developer

Exp 8 years

Programming Skills

To be an IT guy you need to keep yourself update and always keep tranck of the latest technologies and geek stuff around the web, I started my carrer in early 2008 but the geek stuff was there when I was addicted to cimputer games and my interest to video games showed me the way to Direct X, and from this point I started learn about programming languages and other skills.
I learned C,C++ and then moved to C#.Net but meanwhile I also had to work on other .Net languages like VB.Net as it was nesseccary to maintain older softwares in the company.
as web was emerging in high pace I learned about web stuff, specially ASP.Net and PHP frameworks. DataBase was one of my favourites so MS SQL Server was so handy as I was a .Net fan after all I learned about MySQL, DB2 and Oracle as different places I was working had different kind of platforms. NoSQL is a new tech and It was interesting to work with NoSQL so I'm now working with Db4o and MongoDB and I can say It's really interesting.
As my new programming language, I'm working on Objective-C to dedvelop mobile apps on iOS.

.Net FX
90% Complete
90% Complete
80% Complete
60% Complete
60% Complete
90% Complete
80% Complete
80% Complete


8 Years Experience!

More than 8 years of hands on experience in full stack .Net development of Enterprise projects including online bookings, accounting,banking e-payments and web APIs in different positions from designer,developer to Project manager.

Behpardakht Mellat


2016 - 2017
Online Payment gateway, Mobile Payment app and other Payment Services solutions for POS,ATM,IPG etc.
FGT Global


2013 - 2016
VOIP related web applications and API for mobile apps


2013 - 2014
SSO for online gaming web site and fully customizebale web application platform


2008 - 2015
various Web/Windows Applications in Air-Travel and online booking category


these are my previous and current projects published as a team work or on my own,including sophisticated softwares, technical innovations and just routine work.

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Kamran Hazari
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